Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lieberman --- Prediction

It is very dangerous to make predictions about elections. The more you know, the more variables you understand.

But I would hazard a strong guess that Sen. Joe is a lock against twerp rich-kid Ned Lamont, whose "operatives" apparently sabotaged Joe's website just before the election. (The FBI is now investigating.)

Sure, some rich co-religionists and other liberals will vote against him .

I believe Milton Himmelfarb onces wrote "Jews have the socio-economic characteristics of Episcopalians --- and vote like Puerto Ricans."(Although exit polls --- when they still meant something --- showed that President Reagan got about 40% of the vote of "members of the Jewish community." (What's wrong with "Jews"?)

Joe has been a hard-working, honest Senator for 18 years. He was his party's choice for Vice President.

I lived in Stamford CT for eight years and ran two (losing) campaigns for minor office.



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