Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Media Am Nuts...

It is impossible to pick up paper or watch a television program without seeing wall-to-wall coverage of the war in the Middle East and Israeli and American involvement therein, usually with a negative spin.

No question it is important.

But the Israelis and the Americans encourage it.

I was in Israel some decades ago and was a participant in a BOGSATT ("Bunch of Guys Sitting Around A Table Talking") {These days add women}

The topic was "Hasbara" --- Hebrew for "Public Relations."

It turns out that the Israelis --- in their lust to imitate America -- gave out police radios to foreign correspondents. This meant that reporters would be on the scene --- with TV cameras
--- within minutes. The demonstrators would wait until the reporters came --- and then start with the keening cries of pathos and vengeance .

(See the movie Ghandi to see a master at work)

The police radios, of course, made the work of the reporters more easy. They could film the violence quickly and send it back home --- these days via satellite to make the within minutes.

Israel would benefit enormously if they could get the story off of Page One and on to Page 13, where African wars --- often with many more people involved --- are covered.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh -- Israel and Hezbollah were raining bombs down on each other for weeks just a few dozen miles from 150,000 American troops in Iraq. That is Page One news, Ben. Americans and Israelis can't do a damned thing to make reporters cover this war like an "African" war, whatever that means.

August 15, 2006  

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