Monday, August 14, 2006

Medium response

Dear Ben,

The book that friend Judy refers too is a copy of a "bound book" version of "Tales of a Neo-Con'07 (John A Wiley '07)

If you want a free copy you must tell me on the blog or at --- and I will see if I can get one to you.
Text follows:
Wanted to take a sec to tell you how amazing and awesome I am finding the new book. Your life is fascinating and your style is so genuine and straight-forward. I love your avoidance of fancy language and snob appeal tactics, it's so you to be direct and honest. When can I expect to see the book in stores so that I may purchase for, as well as tell my friends to purchase it?
Regarding the new Wattenblog (love the name, by the way), I am comparing it to other daily blogs and without gushing here, honestly, Ben, do you realize how much better it is - heads and shoulders above - all other blogs? The only one that comes close in its directness and holding the reader's interest, is Mickey Kaus - and even there, it's pretty one-note. Yours is a mixed bag, varied and dicey. I love it. You know it has to be good when an avid blog reader such as I am open Wattenblog every day before The Drudge Report!!
Kudos on both. Please keep it up for us!
Sincerely, Judy


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