Monday, August 14, 2006

Israel --- more

True enough.

I think a couple "bunker-busters" on Iraniand command-and-control centers would slow things down to a crawl. Americans could do it easily, but it would be best if it came from an international team: the Brits, the Aussies, maybe even the French. And maybe the Israelis too. After all, they're the ones under the gun. In the first Iraq War we asked them not to respond to Scud attacks. For solid historical reasons the Isaelis did not like being in sealed rooms subject attacks of poison gas.

Let them defend themselves.


Yooka the Medic has left a new comment on your post "Tragedy":

A loss of life is always a tragedy, of course. But part of the reason auto accidents claim more lives than terror might be how bad the road system is there, from what I've heard.

An old Jewish roommie of mine said he was shocked with how hazardous it was to drive there. He said the timing on many traffic lights left huge windows of opportunity where both sides of an intersection had legal green lights.

He also said that instead of a yellow light meaning "Get ready to stop", it instead means "Get ready to go"... as in from a stopping position.. And it comes after a red light... not before. So there is no warning for red lights, according to him. And yeah, he said the streets are tough to navigate, and the drivers are incredibly indecisive and unpredictable.

Then again, that's all hearsay.

Like all matters these days, the key to this war is financial. Yes, Islamic Fundamentalists will always find a way to sneak the grenade into the restaurant or whatnot. However, the only reason these people (who are almost as poor as Ethiopians and Somalians, save for their oil sultans) can afford hand grenades is because of oil. For decades, loads of money has gone from gas/petrol pumps to Arab companies to terrorists.

If we can kick oil (- globally, though hopefully the rest of the world will follow the US if an alternative presents itself), the terrorists will not have the funding for explosives and other weapons.

If there someone runs for president in 08 and sounds like they have a serious plan for getting the US off of oil in the next 4-8 years, they have my vote on that alone. Kicking the oil habit solves so many probelms - both foreign and domestic.

Hehe, wow, this went on longer than I meant. Guess I'm kinda upset about the situation. Thanks for the read.

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