Saturday, November 11, 2006

I'll be happy to, if...


I'll be happy to do that if you,

Identify yourself.

Either way is OK, but my preference should be clear by now.


Mr Wattenberg, your impressive refutation of the '... Mr Wattenberg, your impressive refutation of the 'screed', i.e. your persuasive argument as to why unconditional support for Israel really is in the best interest of the US, despite the fact such support 1) often appears to offend against common decency and a justified sense of moral outrage (e.g. the recent shelling deaths followed by a US veto of a resolution condemning them), 2) results in widespread hatred of the US in the much larger muslim world, and 3) is a prime motivator of terrorism.Not.(I just saw the Borat movie, so I felt compelled to make a 'Not' joke, even in this apparently in appropriate context, in true Borat fashion. BTW, wouldn't especially recommend the movie.)Suggestion: Make a counterargument. For a change.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

If you intend to keep blogging, you should just get used to anonymous emailers. It goes with the territory and it won't stop. You can ask people all you want to tell you their names but as long as people can post anonymously, they will continue to do so.

James, NY

November 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Either way is OK, but my preference should be clear by now.

If true, then think up and post the argument/counterargument.

Question: Why does my identity matter to you?

As for your preference, many times I've suggested you 1) disable comment moderation (so a person can get some immediate positive feedback by seeing the comment published), and 2) allow comments and any follow-on discussion to appear underneath the original blog post. Both of which you seemingly refuse to do (although I do allow for the fact that you may not have the needed technical know-how). Your blog is, for the most part, still a butchered mess.

November 11, 2006  

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