Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sophomoric questions....

As I age, I wonder more and more about how the world works.

I can "remember" sights and sounds from about seventy years ago.

My taste buds recall food that I first tasted seventy years ago, with precision.

We can wiggle our ears, stroke our beards, snap our fingers, recall tunes.

Messages that used to be sent by carrier pigeons go by cell phone to every corner of the earth. We get agitated when the message says "service not available."

I see movies that I saw 65 years ago; some I recall vividly, some are different. I could have sworn The Hustler with Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason and Piper Laurie was in color. I vividly remember the "green" felt of the pool tables. The movie was in black and white.

Watch March of the Penguins to see nature at work --- the male carries the fertilized egg ( ! )

Butterflies (derivation flutterbys) come in a thousand varieties. So too with tropical fish. Are they happy in a fishbowl?)

We can crinkle our noses, cross our toes, cross our fingers, tap our toes to the sound of music heard long, long ago.

We can blow bubbles and blow smoke rings one inside of another.

And so on...


I actually had a good sophomore year.


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