Saturday, September 09, 2006

We pause now for an (anti-) comercial message.

AOL was a pioneer in modern communications.

There was even a movie You've Got Mail.

Now, as I understand it, they will purposefully drive off about 2/3rds of their of the members in order to get more advertising. (Huh? I thought advertisers wanted to buy more eyeballs, or ear-balls. Whatever.)

It crashes all the time, and says it will "re-start" itself. Sometimes it does.

No question: We are all spoiled. Messages use to be delivered by carrier pigeons and messages in a bottle. Now we want everything now. Right now.

I have had panicky hour-long conversations with AOL tekkies in Hyderbad.

I'm no pigeon. I don't want AOL's E-mail, IMs or bells & whistles anymore. Ever.

It is so frrrustrating, grrr...


PS I have read that IBM and some Brits are working on a chip 250X faster than we have now.


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