Saturday, September 09, 2006

Politics --- African-American

Check out Cardin, Mfume seek to distinguish campaigns - Metropolitan - The Wa

This is about Democrats in Maryland, former home of the Greek-American moderately liberal "Rockefeller Republican" Maryland Governor --- Spiro Agnew --- who rose to become Vice President of the United States ---- and took green cash bribe money in his Vice-Presidential office. Yuk.

But this is about a more general over-view of the 2006 Congressional electionsElections.

Think Tank taped AEI election election expert Norman Ornstein yesterday. We disagreed.

In any event, it is (there's Mr/Ms "It" again) said that "It will "The Year of Black Republicans" that "Democrats will get tough on law 'n' order," "Democrats will emulate St. "Scoop" Jackson's foreign policy of promoting liberty and freedom, blended with a strong foreign policy." (Roughly stated.)

I'm not from Missouri, but show me.

Mr/Ms It promulgated the "Year of the Soccer Mom." So many other buzz-phrases have surfaced, so often found wanting.

Fact is, the USA has two very competitive political parties, and sometimes a surprisingly strong Third Party (my favorite this year).

My former colleague and co-author psephologist (look it up) Richard M. Scammon often pointed out that the two parties were like empty vessels. Pour blue in --- it's blue. Pour green in --- it's green --- typically to accomomodate the views and values of voters who decided elections.

That's about the way it should be.



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