Monday, September 25, 2006

More reasonable than it reads...

Click here: U.S. Relaxes Air Travel Restrictions - New York Times

I haven't done much air travel in a couple of years.

What I had read about it sounded as if it would be a horror show.

I flew up from BWI to Islip on Long Island a few weeks ago.

Southwest Airlines, a truly remarkable American corporate success story(Caveat: SWA ---- I am a small shareholder --- can't be too careful these days or you end up with slammer time) --- had quite reasonable regulations.

I wear a knee brace from a common injury, a tear in the miniscus tendon (in my case from too much tennis poaching in doubles.) I hadn't realized it had metal in it. So the inspectors asked to look at it.

In a few weeks I expect to go to Prague, a wonderful city, to help dedicate a new building for Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty. (For almost a decade I was Vice-Chairman of the Board of RFE/RL, short wave stations that kept hope alive behind the Iron Curtain.)

It used to be in Munich, a stolid city that had been a Nazi stronghold. Not appropraite.

In Prague, I expect to meet one of the sainted men of our time, Vaclev Havel, a man of or time: poet, belle lettristric author, wildly succeseful political activist.

I interviewed Lech Walesa twice. He too thought RFE/RL did a grand job. But he was an angry gruff man.



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