Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I enjoy gambling. Over they years I guess I've come out about even. It provides excitement and a a real rush. I used to play in a big pot limit/ table stakes poker game but gave it up when I realized that a good poker player should probably fold about 90% of his hands, and shut up, to let the other people at the table think. (Eek! "Talkito ergo sum.")

But when the came is played in a commercial venue (Las Vegas, Atlantic City, the "Redneck Riviera," etc.) the government should help out, as it does in food labeling. The slots are a terrible bet; I think the house may keep 40% of the take. Yet you can see little old ladies (and men) pumping in silver dollars, looking for a payoff that will save their lives. But in craps the odds are about 52%-48% against, and some bets "behind the line" are actually 50-50, but you have to go up against the 52-48 to get there.

I approve of legalized gambling. Better it go to Indian tribes and investors, than bookies.


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