Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Israel's economy

Much sport has been made of the military spin-offs of the costly military and space programs ("Tang") ("Velcro".) But the Israelis and the Americans have become world economic leaders because of their military programs. As I understand it the computer itself (not Al Gore) was created in the military.

That is one big reason the Americans and the Israelis are so relatively powerful. For the Americans it figures; we're the biggest developed country, highly innovative, etc. But Israelis are a small country, who got into because, threatened by extinction, they had to.

Today Israel is able to respond to Hezbollah terrorism because of their first class military technology.

And, remarkably, this small country has the second-most number of listed securites on American exchanges. (I think.)

I have interviewed some Israeli ex-IDF officers, who have done started such companies (Check Point, for one.)

I hope to get back there next year after my current book (tentatively entitled "Tales of a Neo-Con --- John A. Wiley) is published in the Fall 0f '07.


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