Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mr, Lee = a great American

Mr. Lee of Riestertown MD is an American original --- a Korean-American original. He is the go-to guy at the Somerset Towers in Chevy Chase MD (no, not named for the comedian--- that's what one Canadian young man speaking on my Onstar service suggested.)

Can show pic of Towers --- or better yet a pic of Mr Lee when I can get to him. He doesn't always answer very quickly when he is working a job. He has no secretary --- he is a one-man-band.

He is religious Christian. He takes Sundays off starting at 12:01---
Somerset Towers is made up of three huge towers I I I in the heart of one of the great urban centers in the world --- Bethesda. Not kidding --- I will explain in a future post.

Mr Lee emigrated from South Korea. He grew up in family engaged in construction.He is a independent contractor --- and works 6 days each week for probably 14 hours a day + 2 hours commuting. but takes Sunday off ---starting ring at 12:01 AM He is a religious Christian.

He paints the walls, fixes plumbing, works closely with decorators and contractors. He is a Jack of All Trades (Do not illustrate with a playing card Jack.)

He has two sons --- one who will be a dentist, one is just entering the world of high finance.
Mr. Lee paid for their entire education.

It is people like Mr. Lee, his wife and sons --- that make America great --- and will make it greater still.

All hail the Lees.

Sound card: America or My Country Tis, or JPSousa--- all better than the Star Spangled Banner.


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