Friday, February 16, 2007

Joe Lieberman

Sen Joe Lieberman is back in the news ...

He should as a Third Party candidate for President, with JMcain or RGiuliani. They can work whose is at the top of the ticket they can do well.

A.Lincoln did.

Pic of Sen. Joe goes here

Go Joe, go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ben,

I first became aware of Senator Lieberman when he was Attorney General of Connecticutt. It was one of the periodic fluctuations in gasolines prices and he promised to investigate the gas station owners for price gouging. Big downer. My dad owned gas stations. It's a tough business and the idea that an individual owner has any control over pump prices is absurd.

Years have passed and I forgive his, understandably (to me) personal, lapse. He has proven that he is a man of principle. Rare indeed.


February 17, 2007  

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