Saturday, February 17, 2007

My love/hate relationship w/ hi-tek is...

My love/hate relationship w/ hi-tek is... well known.

It is mostly love. It is simply unbelievable to a man who grew up in the era of the peny post-card, the three cent stamp and when a 6-cent airmail via a < /****/> big four -engine plane was a big deal.

What bugs me most is the assumption by those in-the know that those not-in-the-know are really in-the-know.

Call aol via the AGB (AGBell) and (after a 30-minute wait) someone in Bangalore or Oklahoma will say "now find the Modzilla-Netscape-Word icons on your deaktop and right-click your wireless mouse." I respond "I don't now how to do that."

The response with an Indian or Okie accent is usually: "Oh of course you do, you just did it."

"Thanks, Okies or Indians I appreciate that; it is very helpful --- you (word that Dick Cheney used to describe NYTimes scribe Adam Clymer to Gov. GWBush in the year 2000.

PS: does anyone know whether there is a "lighted" keyboard that glows in the dark???


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