Thursday, February 08, 2007

LBJ --- of course, I worked for him...

President Lyndon B. Johnson was a most remarkable man, Of course, I worked for him. I believed in what he did, and still do --- (and that includes the very complex war in Vietnam.)

Now under the direction of impressario Jack Valenti, planning is going forward for the 100th anniversary of his birth in 2008.

LBJ did all that he wanted to do and great deal of what he wanted to do.

His lasting legacy will be his heroic actions on behalf of civil rights. He knews that he was taking on the two toughest issues: Civil rights at home, and "a land war in Asia."

My colleague, the brillant Ervin Duggan, will make sure all goes well.

Pic here of LBJ at cabinet table in The White House.


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