Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Well,,, no...

What would the result be if one woman had 13 children and 7 women had six children and six women had no children?

See UN data.

Shaking the Baby Tree

If There’s a “Depopulation Bomb,” It Has a Very Long Fuse

By Jim Motavalli

No one told Salamatou Adamou about the “birth dearth.” A midwife and widow, she had already given birth to 12 children by the age of 37. “I am exhausted,” she said as she struggled through labor with child number 13. Her large family is not all that unusual in drought-stricken Niger, a country where widespread poverty combines with strict patriarchy, early marriages, a lack of health care access and educational opportunities for women, sanctioned polygamy and adherence to fundamentalist Islamic tenets on procreation to produce the highest birth rate in the world, eight children for every woman.


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