Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Tale of Two Papers --- or Three

Click here: Tribune Co. Eyes Major Changes Under Pressure -

The NYTimes, with adequate news coverage, and a horror-show loony-left nut-case screwball edititorial page wants to be the last dog baying, barking, booming, grrrowling --- the sole surviving national newspaper. That would be a national disgrace from the Old Grey Lady.

Colonel McCormick's ChiTrib used to be far-right rag. It no longer is.

For all the abuse it takes, it seems to me that the WashPost is best newspaper in America, and probably in the world.

All the big papers are in trouble in the 500-Channel etc.

The WashTimes is a very interesting sheet. Too bad it doesn't have enough dough.

Sooner or later Rev. Moon will have to let go. I don't think his followers would pick up the lance.

I suggested severeral times to my good friend, the late Phillip Merril, publisher of the fabulously successful and interesting Washingtonian magazine that he buy the WashTimes, scrub the unfair "Moonie paper" image, and build the best NeoCon daily in the world. That's what Phil was, I believe, an NC.

I think his family generally shares his beliefs. He was quite peruasive man.

Such a paper could prosper, win friends, and inluence people for genrations yet unborn.

No commission for this idea.

At least not much.

We could work it out.


PS: I wrote regularly for all but the Trib.


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