Friday, August 11, 2006

Toothpaste tubes

Now that we know that a toothpaste tube can carry as much explosive power as a stick of dynamite, some of us --- I bet --- will reconsider their summer vacation plans.

This is very bad news for the airlines. They have many bad years. This was to be the come-back year. Doubtful now.

This is very bad news for the potential traveler. Long-held plans may go poof!

Three answers:

To the travelers: Travel. If you don't the bad guys win. You only live once. The odds of going down in flames is miniscule. Try librium.

To the airlines: I think Americans will show fortitude. Don't mothball any planes.

To America and the world: Get Osama and the rest of the vermin who think that a few islamo-fascist jihadist scumballs. They must be told, with steel and canny intelligence work, that they can not bring down the greatest global civilization history.

They can't. You know it; I know it. Teach it to the scumballs.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think by now the bad guys know that the plans implemented by President Bush and his team and by Britain are very sophisticated and that WE CAN find these murderers and uncover their plots. People will travel, people will live their lives. This is human nature. We enjoy our God-given freedoms, as our incredible President never fails to remind us. Judy H.

August 12, 2006  

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