Friday, August 11, 2006

Just suppose --- Connecticut

Just suppose the FBI tracks down the scummy folks who sabotaged Sen, Joe Lieberman's website a few days before the primary elections. Just suppose the perpertrators were in the paid employ of the Ned Lamont for Senate Campaign. Just suppose wise psephologists determined the blacking out of the website could have meant 2.1 percentage points going from Ned to Joe. Just suppose they ran a new election and Sen. Joe won by 5-10 points --- he was, after all, gaining. Just suppose it became quite apparent that the mad, islamo-facist jihadist bombers have shown that the hawks have been right all along by urging us and our partners to keep our security strong and tough, not mocking it for chicken violations of civil liberties.

Suppose Joe then ran for President.

He could win.

All we need is Osama's head on a pike.



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