Sunday, April 22, 2007

I know a rather ...

I know a rather wealthy man who says: Ignore the day-today economic headline-mongerers who babel away about the value of the yen, a .2% increase in the monthly unemployment rate, blah blah blah.

He knows the truth of the matter: "Never sell America short."

America must pay its bills: defense, Medicare, Medicaid, --- and seeing to it that every kid gets as much education as he/she can.

Then let what Adam Smith called "the animal spirits" proceed apace.

Just look at what the markets are doing now!

Think Tank will be doing a 6-hour series on the theme entitled "The Real Economy" sub-title "Liberty Pays Off."

If the rather wealthy man approves it I will reveal his name.

global warming

I do not think it will be so terrible.

The snows on Mt. Kilmanjaro have been melting for 200 years.

There was a big-time flood recorded in The Bible and evey other important document.

We will survive --- and flourish --- unless we screw it up.


I was asked to write a piece for the Washington Post online about the massacre.

Take a look and let me know what you think.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ever thus...

Wars are more often won at home than abroad...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I am not an inventor but...

I am not inventor but I have come up with some ideas at least I like.

1) A foldable tennis racket.

2) inflatable suitcases --- to get a cab quickly --- not advised.

3) Doo-hickeys to put on your thumbs to make it easier to work a Palm "he's all thumbs" was not meant to describe accuracy."

4) Now, will someone figure out a way to work a laptop while eating a meal at a restaurant? It's always so crowded !!!

This does NOT mean...

This does NOT mean that RG is toast in the GOP primaries.

(NEW YORK) — Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani on Thursday defended his record favoring the use of public money for abortions, saying he wouldn't try to undo a Supreme Court ruling allowing the procedures.
"Ultimately I believe it's an individual right and a woman should make that choice," the former New York mayor said during a statehouse news conference where he picked up three endorsements.

Betty Ford

Betty Ford is ill.

She was about as much an "accidental First Lady" as was her husband Gerald Rudolph Ford an "accidental President."

He turned out --- no surprise --- to do a tough with grit and intelligence.

She was a former model, is a mother of four, and a woman of rare grace, wisdom and charm.