Saturday, September 08, 2007

Watch for a 2008 Third Party Candidate

About Independent presidential candidates:
Experts always think they are most unusual.

They are not. In fact, one third (or fourth) party candidate actually won the Presidency. Who?

An acquisitive, upwardly-mobile corporate attorney from Illinois. His name? Abraham Lincoln.

He did well.

In 1992 a Texas billionaire named H. Ross Perot ran as an independent candidate. In the Spring of that year public opinion polls showed him leading incumbent President George Herbert Walker Bush and Governor William J. ("Bill") Clinton by about five points. Perot then went la-la; he claimed that conspirators planned to disrupt his daughter's wedding.

He quit the race.

Then he entered it again. Notwithstanding his nuttiness he still ended up with 19% of the popular vote (!!!)

I think an independent party candidacacy in 2008 --- could win.

Mayor Mike could put half a billion bucks on the table --- not chump change.

Perot's efforts made ballot access easy.

My own personal independent party ticket would pair John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

Americans are fed up with both political parties --- with good reason.

BTW:Newsweek ran a cover story on Mayor Mike and Governor Ah-nold S (please spell name) (R. CA.).

A super- billionaire, Warren Buffet, noted that the U.S. Constitution only says that a "natural born" citizen must be President --- but makes no mention of the Vice President.

The first order of business of a B-S ticket would be to propose a Constitutional amendment to change that. How could the Congress or the States defy the will of the people?
Sen. Joseph Lieberman --- already an independent

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger --- just about an independent

Mayor Mike Bloomberg --- Does he have a party affiliation?


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