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My understanding...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "This sounds crazy...but": That story you heard sounds apocryphal. Women's kimonos don't seem to lend themselves to easy sex. They are billowy, full of folds and creases and layers of fabric. They have been around since about the fourth century, A.D., so it's likely that the story of how they were invented is lost to the ages.Read more about the kimono on Wikipedia:

Ben's response:

My understanding... is that all those billows conceal blankets and pillows... handy items for ... the reproductive act.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That just seems silly, Ben. Let me get this straight -- the Kimono was invented so men could have sex with women they didn't know, at any time or any place -- aided by the pillows and blankets concealed in the kimono.

It sounds like what you are describing is rape. Japan is a highly conservative society where the chastity of women is held in high regard. Knowing this, I cannot believe that If the kimono was invented to facilitate casual sex. The kimono is over a thousand years old. Whether the population was decimated by some war or not, it sounds completely out of character with Japanese history and culture to attribute the kimono's provenance to "demographics," as you put it.

Aside from history, the purpose for the kimono you described doesn't jibe with human nature. If a Japanese man wanted to be able to "have" any woman, "anytime, anywhere," he wouldn't need a pillow or a blanket to make it easier to force her to have sex wit him. And that is the only way it could be. Almost all women in almost all societies, frankly, do not like having sex with strange men. "Pillows and blankets" would certainly not make the act any more pleasant for her, or easier for him. Those items are tools that make sex more romantic or pleasant, but only between people who love each other, or at the least, have known each other for more than a couple of minutes.

Men have been raping women for centuries. Pillows not required.

March 02, 2007  
Blogger Ben Wattenberg said...


The Japanese may be conservative --- but what happened on 12/07/41 --- wasn't very conservative.

I think you will find that Darwinian theory puts the reproduction of the species in first place.

March 02, 2007  

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