Monday, February 19, 2007

The markets are...

The markets are... closed on President's Day.

I wonder if GWashington, who married into great wealth, and ALincoln who was an extremely ambitious corporate attorney, would have have approved of closing the markets on their day ??

BTW: The world is flat.

T or F ?

Just trying to drum up blog responses.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I imagine that Washington and Lincoln would realize that even stock traders like to have an extra day off now and then. Neither of them seemed like particularly greedy people. Why should they want the markets to be open on a national holiday? Why not have the markets open on Thanksgiving and Christmas, too?

You mused about Gerald Ford a few months ago, saying he wouldn't have wanted the markets to close on his day of mourning. But I imagine that if it was that important to him, he would have specified it in his death bed wishes. He had ample opportunity to do so but did not write "Don't close the markets upon my death" into his funerary instructions. After all, Nixon decreed that he didn't want a state funeral, and so it was. He did not lie in state.

One can only assume that Ford either didn't care much either way, or he actually wanted people to take the day off in his memory. We'll never know.

February 21, 2007  

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