Friday, December 22, 2006

India --- natural ally

The New Great Game
Why the Bush administration has embraced India.
by Daniel Twining
12/25/2006, Volume 012, Issue 15

New Delhi
Three recent events illuminate the contours and fault lines of Asia's emerging strategic landscape, amid the lengthening shadows cast by China's growing power


During the Cold War somehow India became allied with Soviet Union.

The U.S. Ambassador to India Daniel P. Moynihan blamed much of it on the inlfluence of the British Fabian Society which promoted peaceful socialism.

Today, the Indians and the Americans share at least five major common features:

1) They are free market economies,

2) They are pluralist,

3) They are large sub-continental societies

4) They are English-speaking,

5) They are democratic.

For this economic pundit this adds up to --- after the U.S. --- "Buy India."


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