Sunday, December 24, 2006

I'm pro-choice -- sort of ...

Click here: BREITBART.COM - Pope underlines right to life in pre-Christmas blessing

I visited Hungary in the mid-1960s when it was the first country to legalize abortion.

I had a long conversation with an OB-GYN at a picturesque restaurant, dining on elk. ("Eek!")

He had performed (not "committed") thousands of abortions and delivered thousands of babies.

I asked him if the abortions gave him any trouble...

He paused and said: " No. I have learned that when a woman wants to have a baby she will risk life to do so. And when when she wants to abort a fetus she will risk life to do so. "

So legalize it?

Makes seense to me...

But after I saw the sonogram of my youngest child, it was clear to me that there was life there.

I once came up with a faux political slogan to describe my view:

"It's murder and I'm for it."


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