Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Big Three + 1

Check out Tuning In - Entertainment - The Washington Times, America's Newspap

The Big Three (CBS, NBC, ABC) were getting 15-20 million viewers each just a couple of decades ago. (Called now the MSM --- Mainstream Media) Fox was not in the picture. Now, as the WTimes story indicates, it is far below that.

The personnel of the MSM were tilted way to the Left --- that has been established in survey after survey.

But the MSM personnel claim that their politics does not influence their coverage.

I am duboius.

There is the well-established principle of "selective perception." Thus, the Washington Post ignored a 250,000 person pro-Life March in DC --- not because they chose to, but because the event did not register on their radar screen.

The Leftward tilt of MSM gave birth to Right-leaning talk shows, including Rush.

Americans want to hear both sides --- fair and balanced.


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