Monday, November 20, 2006

I have not read this yet, but ...

Can the Neocons Get Their Groove Back?
By Joshua Muravchik
November 19, 2006
Washington Post
Is neoconservatism dead? Click here for full text.

Ben's comment:

Josh has been my "Rabbi" on foreign policy since the death of my dearest friend Penn Kemble, another former Chairman of the very influential of the Young People's Socialist League ("Yipsels".)

He seems to know my views better than I do.
Super Social Scientist James Q. Wilson --- a super-star Neo-Con --- has said --- roughly --- this:

"The great arguments of the 20th Century --- on all points of the political spectrum --- have started as
great arguments within the the Socialist.

Many of the Yipsels have become "Neo-conservatives" --- some not.

Josh didn't take his PhD until he was in his thirties. He is now --- by my lights --- a super-star.

He has his priorties right: Family first, other things second.

Even that has it's apparent contradictions: I bet Josh, or I, would have given up our lives to plug Hitler.



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