Saturday, November 18, 2006

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MichaelBates has left a new comment on your post "Ben is a nice, quirky fellow... but":

Even if what he says is true, and I disagree -- Saddam was a threat to his people and the entire region -- we can't leave now, because it will be worse than before, a failed state ripe for use as a base of operations for terrorists. We need to take a colonial attitude and settle in for the long run, but that also means using local resources to cover the cost of our occupation.

By the way, I believe Ben's dad's name was Herb Stein.

Ben's response:

A "colonial attitude" refers to invaders unwelcome by those invaded.

When allied, mostly American, troops (all volunteers) marched into Bagdhad, flowers were strewn in their path.

That's not "a colonial attitude" is it ?

PS. To those of you who have been concerned: I love this toy, when it works, and only when it works.


Et-cetera, et-cetera, et-cetera.

Surely, you know what grand musical that comes from...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think Americans are as welcome in Iraq today as they were three years ago? I am doubtful. Recently the State Department did a poll of Baghdad residents and found that over 60 percent of them favored an immediate withdrawal of American troops. A similar poll done by the Iraqi Planning Ministry found a similar result (using a random sample conducted of every third house in several areas of the city, using inhabitants of the home with the most recent birthday.)

Things are not as they were in 2003. The days of flower-strewing are long gone, unfortunately.

November 18, 2006  

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