Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Israel ... More

Like every other nation in the world, Israel is an imperfect state.

But there has been an unbroken line of at least some Jews/Hebrews in their Promised Land since Abraham left Terah, 4,000 years ago. Their claim to the land is as good as any in the world, perhaps the best.

The archaelogical evidence keeps coming in showing some truth to the beautiful, boring, heroic, tragic narrative of The Old Testament.

There seems to have been an Egyptian Prince named Moses who led his people from the Land of Goshen. The various ten plagues seem to have a grounding in fact.

I do not think Methusalah lived for 900 years or that the World was created in seven days.

But perhaps they counted differently.

Israeli courts release prisoners they deem innocent.

The jihadists torture them, or kill them.



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