Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bruce Reed --- Wake up and smell the coffee ! ! !

Click here: Theirs to lose. By Bruce Reed - Slate Magazine

Bruce Reed is one of the smartest, most decent, most dedicated, most modest, most knowledegable men I have met in Washington. (He probably even knows how to spell knowl----)


Something seems to be going on.

The stock market is flying. Oil prices are down.

The Brits, not the Yanks, have just nailed one of the big bad guys among the Jihadists.

O-S-bin-L may well have bought the farm.

President GWB's poll ratings are up.

The Red-Staters are running even in the Gallup Poll, but it the Dems who usually poll higher than the votes they ultimately receive.

Bruce: The GOP used to commit ritual suicide. They still do many dumb things.

But the mantle of stupidity seems to have migrated Left.

(Pat Moynihan --- stunned --- said it looked as if the Dems were turning into "The Stupid Party.")

Press Pause. No one what happens next.

Not even,



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