Saturday, September 23, 2006

Frank Fukuyama ...

Click here: Doomed international - TLS Highlights - Times Online

Francis "Frank" Fukyama is a very bright man, a fine writer, and an entrepeneur. (That's good.)

I value him as friend. I think it is mutual.

Japanese-Americans have been among those called "model minorities" --- after being hated.

But changing the name of the game from Neo-Conservatism to Wilsonian Realism does not change much.

The poisonous Left, on the 500-channel info-highway etc. etc. --- would only say: Aha! FF's model is a racist.

WW was.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

this isn't the first time you have said the Left will criticize FF for using racist WW to come up with a new label of Wilsonian Realism. I have yet to see any news article where this has happened. Have you? Fukuyama came up with this term many months ago, and yet still uses it and seems to have escaped any criticism for it on racial grounds.

September 23, 2006  

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