Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Wall Street Journal --- Flash!

Somewhat breathlessly The Wall Street Journal reports that "Cash Incentives Aren't Enough To Lift Fertility." Why, "dozens of nations" have raised economic incentives --- cash bonuses, maternal and paternal leave, flex-time etc. etc. --- in an attempt to boost population needed to produce goods and services.

The modern nations will be looking for Third World immigration. But rates are sinking there too. Iran, Mexico and Brazil are already be the "replacement rate."

But all the evidence shows that such "pro-natalism" doesn't work. At best, rates would have fallen somewhat faster without such inducements, but the rates keep plummetting.

Never have birth and fertility rates fallen so far, so fast, so low, for so long, in so many places, so surprisingly.

But, of course, readers of already knew that. Readers of Fewer and The Birth Dearth knew it earlier.

I gave my rap once AEI World Forum in Vail CO. (Great events)

I looked at German Chancellor Helmudt Schmidt ( a gruff pest I thought.) I said Germany could out of business or turn majority Turk. He said "Fine. Good."

If it's OK with Herr Schmidt it's OK with me, I guess.



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