Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Think Tanks

I think The Brookings Institution was first in America (1924?)

The American Enterprise Institute came along during WWII, started by some businessmen who feared the US government would keep "wage and price controls" in effect after the war.

Now there seem to be hundreds in Ameria. Some are at the state level, others ostensibly even at a borough level ("The Manhattan Institute.")

They have been emulated in some foreign countries.

They are of the left, right and center; some are extremist, some not.)

AEI is, I think the best. A scholar says what he thinks and believes. There is no "AEI policy." (Of course, scholars can be let go, but they can usually hook up elsewhere, or go into lucrative consulting work.)

We have dealt with politics, geo-politics, literature, art, culture, demographics, history --- you name it.

When "the Academy" moved to the left, right-of-center thinks tanks filled the void. AEI's scholars and fellows, I think, can match those of any unirsity, certainly Harvard.

Think Tanks have become very influential.

AEI, I think is the most influential.

I know AEI has helped me. I think I've helped them.


AEI is most


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