Friday, August 18, 2006

From, allegedly, a US government report.

This from a US government release:

Hidden beneath Rockies lies the Globe's best untapped oil reserve - over 2TRILLION barrels. With 3 companies chosen to lead the test extraction already begun. There are 5 ways to get in on the deal.


The fact of the matter is that the US of A has many, many, sources of energy. Oil, coal,
tar-sands, natural gas, offshore and onshore --- and ,most importantly, the ability to turn out more and and safe eco-friendly, absent greenhouses gases emitted into the atmosphere ---Nuclear power. It might be, as was originally stated, "to cheap to meter." (Alas, nothing is "free" today.

(A former President of Greenpeace, once adamantly opposed to nuclear power, has now come to his senses. We shall see...)

When I began interviewing at the US Census in the 1960s I met an soft-spoken and brilliant demographer named Conrad Taeuber, then probably in his sixties. I asked him about the "energy problem."

He said (roughly) : "When I was I boy it wasn't too long after oil was discovered as gook in streams in Pennsylvania. It replaced a limited supply of sperm oil from whales. And what did they say then? We're running out of oil!"



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