Thursday, July 06, 2006

Justin Raimondo is dead wrong.

Lyndon Johnson used to say he was a free man, an American, a Texan and a Democrat — in that order. I believe Joe Lieberman has the same hierarchy of values, with the state changed.

Fifty or a hundred years from now the USA will be known in larger measure because we promoted and purveyed the values of liberty, democracy and human rights. Justin: You have a problem with that? The jihadist islamo-fascists want to destroy America through fear — fear of plagues (small pox, anthrax etc.) and through massive conversion to a religion some of whose adherents condone terrorism. Wake up and smell the coffee!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

America leads by example. We have a tremendous economic system and a nation that is the envy of the world. That in itself will promote the spread of freedom and democracy. Our neo-Wilsonian policy of spreading freedom through the use of force is not working. It did not work effectively during the Cold War and it won't work now. We should be smarter about our foreign policy. If we took $300 billion of the funds that have been expended with questionable results in Iraq and refocused it into other efforts we could get much more "bang for the buck".

For example, how about an extremely well-funded psy ops campaign in the middle east? How about beaming twelve different free satellite channels into Iran? Why not win the war of ideas and use force when absolutely necessary? We are now faced with a situation in which we may be forced to deal with Iran - a nation whose President IS a terrorist - but instead we are bogged down next door and our invasion helped Iran.

Meanwhile, China is out in the world wheeling and dealing. They are signing contracts, buying rescources, and preparing for their rise to the height of power on the world stage.

August 10, 2006  

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