Sunday, January 14, 2007

Speaks for itself --- no pix

G.O.P. pols probably do the same, but they do not intensely preach the opposite. Is this hypocrisy? Comments invited.

This special NewsMax report reveals:

California Democrat Nancy Pelosi receives large-scale financial support from organized labor – while she and her husband own a vineyard and stakes in a hotel and a restaurant chain that are all non-union shops.
“Environmentalist” Pelosi also has a stake in a posh country club that skirted environmental protection provisions.
Ted Kennedy fights for the estate tax and rails against tax shelters – while benefiting from trusts and private foundations that have shielded most of his family’s fortune from the IRS.
The deeply personal reason why Kennedy opposed a plan to provide clean alternative energy to Cape Cod.
Robert Kennedy Jr. proclaims that it’s not moral to profit from natural resources, but receives an annual check from his family’s oil profits.
Al Franken attacks conservatives because they “lack diversity,” yet less than 1 percent of the employees he has hired over the past 15 years were African-American.
Socialist radical Noam Chomsky charges that the Pentagon is the “most hideous institution on earth” – while being paid millions by the Pentagon over the last 40 years.
Ralph Nader says unions are essential to protect worker rights – but fired his employees when they tried to form a union.
Barbra Streisand urges Americans to cut back on their conspicuous consumption – while spending $22,000 a year to water her lawn.
Billionaire George Soros maintains that the wealthy should pay higher tax rates, but holds the bulk of his fortune in tax-free overseas accounts.
Hillary Clinton says 13-year-old girls are capable of deciding to have abortions without parental consent – but prevented her 13-year-old daughter from getting her ears pierced.
Why Schweizer – who spent two years researching liberal hypocrisy – calls his discoveries “stunning.”


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