Thursday, December 07, 2006

Don't feel dow; feel up

When I was a boy of 18, ready to save the world, and heading out to the Pacific islands, I pulled into Pearl in 1943 on a Liberty ship transport....the scene was, to appreciate it, would have to be on a small ship weaving very carefully through the destruction of giant ships, sitting on the bottom, with their topmost stacks and bridges dry, broken and leaning over and quiet....stuck in the mud and clearly representing the awful destruction. The bodies had not been fully recovered, if they ever would be. It is an image that has been clearly with me for 64 years.....eerie even now.
Think of our predicament now, the lives of all people caught up in wars , ruined and finished.
The families left like the ships there, helpless in their misery.
Think about these young people....from all countries....their families and loved ones.
We are so damn dumb and now we have a new Munich to challenge us.
Feeling down on Pearl Harbor Day.....

Ben's response:

The tragedy that befell the U.S.A 65 years ago today, led to a new and better world.

The Greatest Generation was indeed perhaps the greatest.


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